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/iz'əm/ - noun - a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.

Iz'Em isn't just a rock band, or a pop band, or a metal band, or an indie band, we aim to write in as many styles as it takes to get our FEELINGS across in our SOUNDS. Mike Damron is the song writer Iz'Em. He has been playing in cover bands for about 7 years and has been writing music with various artists for 10+ years. 

Mike has said "I want to bring people a show that is as eclectic in style as a cover band show. Its seems like the only place where a band can play styles ranging from Prince to Blink 182 to Halsey and then play Rage Against the Machine and have the same audience rock out on the dance floor to all of those styles. Why can't original bands albums be this versatile?"

Why not indeed. So here we are on the fringe doing what we want to do mixing styles that usually only go well on different albums. Iz'Em is going to break all the so called "rules". We hope you'll join us!